Monday, March 26, 2012

Its been awhile...March update

Ok so I am 5 months post relaxer (last relaxer October 30, 2011). I have been doing JBCO challenge on the hairlist website. I usually oil my scalp 1-2xs a week. My hair has really grown (especially in the back). My edges are slowly filling in. I am very happy with my edges but my front edges are taking FOREVER. I have decided not to relax until my hair is healthy again or until I make up my mind on whether I should grow my locs back.

In February 2012: I wore a sew in. The first run I used the hair Premium Now. It did not hold up well, so I took it out after only 1 week. I bought Indian curly hair from and had that sew in. I wore it for about a month. That hair was trash too. I had to keep wetting it in order for it to stay curly. It was a BAAD batch.

Now I am wearing clip ins. I braided my hair in a circle and left some top and sides out. I made weave clip in from a 10 inch pack of Premium Now human hair. It is ok for clips but not for a full sew in. I wear 4 clips. I will keep that style until the end of April. April 28th is my commencement so I will make longer clip ins to wear with my cap and gown. I purchased 1 pack of 12 inch Janet collection King yaky for $39.99.

I will post pics of my clip ins later.

I also purchased a half wig for Outre Chandra. This wig goes really well with natural hair so the times I wear it I wont have to flat iron. The weave hair and half wig was purchase from I had a $10 off coupon for the order.

So I guess I will be using protective styles throughout the spring and summer. It is getting harder and harder to take care of both textures. But I am trying so hard not to relax. It is very tempting because I really like the straight hair feel. So its 50/50 if I will grow locs again.


  1. Wooohooo for 5 months free of that creamy crack =) I've been free for 7 years in it!

    1. Great Kimber! 7 years go girl!