Thursday, December 15, 2011

UGGHH! Something is wrong with my hair!

And now I have to wash it after only 3 days. I have a feeling that hair spritzers do not work for me. Or it could the ingredients in the spritzer, but something is coating my hair and weighing it down. I did introduce a few new products into my regimen this week. The Proclaim Argan Shampoo and Conditioner, the wave noveau lotion, and the hair spritzer. I am removing the wave noveau and the spritzer and see how my hair reacts. I will also blow dry this time around. I have 7 weeks posts and when I stretch my hair acts a mess if I do not blow dry. I do not use much heat. I either: 1. blow dry and dry roll my hair or 2. air dry and then flat iron. To limit my heat I do one or the other and sometimes just wet roller set. So tonight I am washing my hair, DC, and then blow dry and dry roll. I will post how my hair is doing in a few days.

As for protective styles- I wear the half wig Polly (by Outre). It is really cute (will have to post a pic) but since its synthetic I try not to wear it too much. I have a few packets of hair and will try my hand at making a half or 3/4 wig. I like wearing a wig so that all I will do is M/S my hair. If I have some energy tonight I may get started on the wig.

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