Saturday, September 29, 2012

I have Big Chopped!

Well I Big Chopped (BC) August 20, 2012. I was trying to wait until Spring 2013 so that I would have enough length to be comfortable wearing my natural hair but I could no longer handle the two textures. I took down my genie locs and proceeded to condition and comb out the tangles. I thought I did a good job but the next morning my hair was a matted mess. I was schedule to get kinky twists but I could not comb out my hair. I calmly went and got my shears and cut off my straight, relaxed ends. I love cutting my hair! This is third time I BC (1st time to get locs, 2nd time to cut off locs, and then now to cut of relaxed hair). It felt great! However I feel it was too short for me to wear comfortable. I got the kinky twists, took those out and put more in myself. Yes I said it...I braided my own hair!! I studied YouTube videos and it took 2 days to do them. They are just ok. Not to bad for my first time. I had issues curling the ends but I did not have perm rods. So I just wear buns. I need to work on my twisting technique but the twists are wearable. I will attempt Nubian Twists in about 2 weeks. Will post an update then. Here are the pics:

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