Tuesday, July 10, 2012

May/June Update

I have been busy and/ or too lazy to update my Hair Blog.

But here is a May/June Update:

May 2012-  I pretty much wore half wigs and I got a sew in bob (with an invisible part). Sorry no pics but I kept the sew in for almost 4 weeks, the longest I have ever kept a sew in. The hair I used was Janet Collection King Yaky. Very realistic looking hair but it shed A LOT by the 3rd week. Also my hair was growing and the invisible part was spreading so it was time to take it out.

June 2012- In the first half of June I wore a half wig that I made using Pro 10 Bohemian Curl hair, 12 inches. I tried to make a full wig but the cap size was too small, so I wore it as a half wig. I love this hair. It is really soft with a spiral curl. I revived the curls using a water, protein conditioner, and Argan oil mix.
Half wig- Pro 10 Bohemian Hair, 12 inch.

Genie Locs/Yarn Braids

Health Hair Journey Talk: I am still very much on a Healthy Hair Journey (HHJ). Whether I am wearing a weave, wig, or braids I still take care of my hair on a daily basis.

My current HHJ Regimen  is as follows:
1. Co-Wash once a week (wash with conditioner only) with various conditioner but mainly VO5 or Creme of Nature Argan oil conditioner. Clarify once a month with shampoo (mainly Creme of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo or black soap from www. nasabb.com to remove product build up).
2. Deep Condition once a week (w/o usually apply a DC early in the morning, put on a plastic cap and wrap with hair scarf, and rinse in the evening.  
3. Use Giovanni Direct Leave in Conditioner and Organic Coconut oil- plait my hair or make small braids throughout my head. Air dry.
4. Daily Hair Spritzer mix- water, Castor oil (Jamaican Black Castor oil or regular Castor oil), almond. Change mixture weekly
5. 2-3x's a week- oil scalp using Herbal hair oil from BSS.

- that is my standard Regimen. Some times I use different products but the main idea is to use a hair spritzer daily, moisturize and seal (with oil) daily to every other day as needed, DC weekly, use a clarifying shampoo monthly. Limit heat and no chemicals.

- I will have a length check update when I take down my Genie Locs (probably end of August). I did trim at least 1/2 inch off before getting the Genie Locs. I am not too concerned with the length of my relaxed ends. I am concerned with keeping a healthy scalp which promotes healthy new growth.

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