Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 1, 2013 Natural Hair Progession: Stretching TWAs and Nautral Hair Styling

Below are photos of my natural hair progression.My hair is steady growing and I am learning how to care for it, such as what products to use, when to wash etc. I have a mini hair regimen.I wash 1-2X's a week, alternating co-washing and clarifying washes. I say mini because I cannot seem to stay consistent lately. I am still experimenting a lot with different hair products. Ultimately, I will probably make my own products. I have tried a few brands (Shea Moisture, Soultanicals, Ynobe, and few others). Those brands are just so so. I will probably not find a definitive brand for my hair. My curl pattern is 4b/c (very afro-ish, kinky hair) and it needs a lot of moisturizer and oils. I have yet to find the right combination of moisture and oil but I am not fretting yet. As my hair grows,the needs of my hair will change. So it is best to practice flexibility and patience when handling black, natural hair. Now I am not saying that I never get fed up with it (those days I just pick my hair into an afro and keep it moving), I am learning to just chill out because at the end of the day it just hair

Natural Hair Styling Methods:
I have not had much luck with braid, twists or Bantu knot outs. I will experiment with those when my hair gets longer. No need to try and manipulate it into styles when it is at the length. Instead,when I feel a need to spice things up a bit, I add accessories such as bejeweled bobby pins, clips and flowers. 

Methods used to Stretch TWAs:

Pineapple Method:

Banding method:

I do not use these methods all of the time. I may do a stretching technique a day or two after washing. I do not want to cause any unnecessary tension on my scalp, especially around hairline. 
May 1, 2013

May 2, 2013

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