Saturday, September 17, 2011

Healthy Hair Journey

So I started a new hair regimen this past August 2011. I never really had a hair regimen. I would start taking great care of my hair but then get lazy and get braids (or weaves as of lately). However since having my baby (and wearing micro braids regularly),  the edges of my hair have started to come out. I really noticed it the last time I got senagelese braids. My edges were so bad the the braider could not braid my edges. So I had to make a more braids and to find the best hair care regimen for me.

After much online research, I came across It a very resource filled hair care site. I also joined their group on facebook to get more information from the 'Listas.

My regimen as of Sept 2011:
1. wash hair once a week with Giovanni Silky Shampoo and Conditioner, alternating with Pantene Relaxed and Natural Shampoo.
2. Deep conditioning once a week.
3. every other day M/S (moisturize with ORS leave in conditioner and seal with essential oil mix), and use VHF (Virgin Hair Fertilizer)
4.. Alternate bi weekly between blow-drying and hood drying and I flat iron weekly. (flat iron are set between 250-300 and run once through the hair). heat protectant is always used.
5.I will stretch relaxer for 10-12 weeks. As I get closer to relaxer time, I will use more protective styling such as roller sets (to minimize shedding and breakage).
6. As I stretch past my normal 6 weeks, I will deep condition weekly, and co wash bi weekly.

Castor Oil 3 month Challenge (from
1. began august 2011, every other day base scalp with castor oil (I am using regular but many hairlistas use Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO).
- the castor oil will promote hair growth and thicken the hair. I am hoping it will help grown my edges back too. (just the front of my head edges are affected). 

Here is my 1st Length Check: August 2011
August 31, 2011- 1st  Length Check

2nd Length Check: October 2011 :

 Added to Hair Regimen: I started using Grow Aut oil and a sulfur oil mix. I switched every week. I have also started more protective style (wigs, half wigs, and hair clips). Pics of my protective styles will be added later. I have also been diligently taking Biotin and MSM supplements.

My Mini Haul and Hair Updates
Mini Haul Dec. 2011
Mini Haul: 3 Proclaim Products (got a free tote from Sally's BS), and Wave Nouveau finishing lotion.
- I washed my hair with Proclaim Intense Moisturizing Shampoo w/Argan Oil and DC with the conditioner. I originally wanted Creme of Nature Argan Oil but SBS did not carry it yet. I also went to a BSS- Hair Depot- but they were all out. It seems like Argan Oil shampoo is a hot commodity! My first impression of the shampoo- did not lather well. At All. I washed three times and managed to get moderate lather. That may or may not be a good thing. I focused cleaning mainly my scalp. I read it an article about Pre-Pooing and some shampoos are harsh on the hair itself. So I am focusing on my scalp from here on out. I do not uses a lot of product. I M/S (moisture and seal) everyday but use very little product. So my strands are not the coated with product. I am know DC with the intense conditioner w/argan oil. I will update with my results.

** I am wondering just how much Argan oil is even in the shampoo and conditioner? Should I purchase the oil separately and add it to at least my conditioner (Ive never heard of adding an oil to shampoo). 

Progress Pics:
December 2011- Length Check
12-12-11: Overall I am happy with my length. After 3 months my hair has grown about 3 inches. I am not really pleased with my edges. My side edges I can see improvement. But my hairline in the front by the bangs look terrible. I am stretching this relaxer to 12 weeks and then I will not relax my hair line. I will base the scalp and layer the hair with oil and conditioner so that the relaxer wont even touch that part of the scalp. I believe that is why it is taking a long time to grow back. I will also be more diligent with my castor oil and sulfur oil mix. 
* I will update bi weekly *

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